Scars used to be permanent not so long ago. They were something that needed to be covered, as getting rid of them completely was a non-starter. At first, this was a matter of medical science and technology. Then, once the technology developed enough, “skin rejuvenation” became something that we were able to offer individuals like you! And now, getting rid of ugly scars and problem areas on your skin is pretty simple. Let’s see how.

How does it work?

Advances in medical science and laser technology have actually resulted in a laser system that is effective and can be mobile. The laser is specially crafted to work in a wide range of skin types and can help to correct a large range of issues. This includes scar tissue, wrinkles, crow’s feet, really any skincare issue related to aging and many related to injury.

Wait, lasers? This isn’t like Star Wars, right?

Nope! The laser used for these treatments is safe and effective and is FDA-approved. But the best person to talk to about these procedures is your doctor. The laser effectively removes upper levels of skin cells without disturbing lower skin layers. As with any exposed skin, it’s essential that you follow your doctor’s instructions in terms of care before and after the procedure. But this is also true of most medical procedures yet doesn’t require long recovery, as is the case with most surgeries. No sharp edges, just an extremely precise laser that will make your skin look and feels years younger.


Does it take a whole lot of time?

Time for treatment really depends on how much is required. Larger affected areas will require more treatments, but that doesn’t mean that the sessions have to be extremely long and involved. Furthermore, we offer Advanced Laser Therapy as a mobile offering, meaning that we come to you. So imagine all of that time that you’ve sat in a waiting room before. Now ask yourself how it would be to never have to do that again!

No matter what the circumstance, this is always the worst part (and who’s actually been to a doctor who saw them immediately? Almost never!). So when the doctor comes to you, there’s no waiting room. There’s just quick and friendly service that will get you taken care of in the comfort of your own home or office. Contact us and find out how we’re willing to go the extra mile for you!