Botox and Filler Training

Atlanta Mobile Aesthetics and IV Hydrotherapy is partnered with Aesthetic Solutions to provide a comprehensive hands-on Botox training course along with a Dermal Fillers training course. While these courses occur separately, they are both intended for licensed healthcare professionals, such as nurses, doctors, physician assistants, estheticians and nurse practitioners. Sign up for both of these courses to take advantage of a discounted rate at checkout. Calling all healthcare professionals looking to learn or improve upon Botox and Dermal Fillers skills! Reserve your seat in the next available class today!

Botox Continuing Education for Professionals

AMAH and Aesthetic Solutions welcome the opportunity to train and educate nurses, doctors, physician assistants and more in Botox procedures. The purpose of this Botox training is to help healthcare professionals further their knowledge of the product through an in-depth and interactive seminar. Upon completing our Botox course, you should be able to safely and correctly use Botox injections in your own practice. The experts at AMAH and Aesthetic Solutions guide you each step of the way as you work to improve your Botox skills. If you have lingering concerns about Botox use, visit our Botox page for more detailed information.

Dermal Fillers Training

In addition to our Botox training course, AMAH and Aesthetic Solutions offers a comprehensive Dermal Fillers training session. Like our Botox seminar, this is a small group course intended for healthcare professionals looking to expand upon their current skill set. Through this training, you can expect an engaging and insightful lesson into providing Dermal Fillers in a safe and effective way. If you have questions about Dermal Fillers, visit our Dermal Fillers page for more information.

Sign up Today!

Are you ready to expand your skill set and set yourself apart from the competition? We’re here to help! Enjoy a special discounted rate when you sign up for both of these courses at the same time. If you have questions about either of these courses, contact AMAH today!