We’re now almost two decades into the 21st century. It was about time that the industry got with the program!

Historically speaking, the only way to really offer aesthetic and cosmetic services was to go to a physician’s office. For everything! It didn’t matter if it was a short consultation or a quick injection, a patient had to inconvenience herself to go.

Now, though, we have a more connected world. Cities are much “smaller” than they used to be — not in terms of geographical size, but in perceived size. And in a marketplace like Atlanta, with some of the worst traffic in the world, it’s important to consider that when opening a practice. No one enjoys sitting in traffic.

We Come to You

Gone are the days where you should be expected to sit in traffic, schedule an appointment, and hope something doesn’t get in the way. Now, we come to you!

That’s right — wherever you want. If you need a quick injection or IV service at the office, this is completely doable, provided the right sort of space is around. We can also come to your home and administer treatments in total comfort.

Never See Another Waiting Room

Well, at least never see another waiting room for aesthetic services. This is always the least comfortable part, as you’re always waiting to for something and this wait can stretch on seemingly into forever. With Atlanta Mobile Aesthetic and Hydrotherapy, you can now get services on your schedule and without having to leave the house.

Other Options

Sometimes, people need some “walk-in” services, in which case, the “mobile” concept isn’t too helpful. But fortunately, we’ve got that covered as well! There are several partners where we set up shop on weekends. All you need to do to find out where is give us a call — 770-847-6377.

Let the Spa Come to You: Book an Event!

Another option you have is to schedule an event with us. This could be an athletic competition where you would want a IV Hydrotherapy station set up or a group of people at work who want to do a series of botox injections. These are very popular and offer a great way to take care of several people at once, all from the comfort of your living room.

Whatever your needs are, let us know how we can serve you!