Immune Booster Hydrotherapy

Our immune booster therapy service supports your immune health and allows for faster recovery from the common everyday viral illnesses.

Immune Booster Hydrotherapy

We all get sick at some point and often our immune systems are fatigued from lack of sleep or vital nutrients that may be lacking in our dietary intake. By receiving our immune booster infusion therapy, clients can have peace of mind that they are receiving a supplement of vitamins that are key to keeping the immune system healthy. This will aid the body in mounting a natural immune response to help fight some of the everyday invaders of our bodies such as the common cold. Whether you feel the early signs of a viral illness or are suffering from symptoms, we can provide the immune booster to help the body better fight off offensive systemic offenders.

  • Support immune health

  • Help body combat unwanted systemic offenders

  • Aid in dietary supplementation of useful nutrients

  • Boost immune response

  • Allow for faster recovery from the common everyday viral illnesses (i.e. common cold)


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