Hydration is one of the most important aspects of your health. Our bodies are over seventy percent water, and every major system uses water in some way, shape or form in order to function.

As such, hydration is incredibly important whenever you’re looking at athletic performance. The hydration of your body’s systems is instrumental in getting every last little bit of effort out. And you never know when that last little bit of effort is the difference between winning and losing.

When Is the Right Time?

It isn’t just for those who compete. For most people, exercise is simply a part of their daily lives. Hydrated people make for great workouts, especially during your heavy-training time out of the year. Those looking to lose weight and get in shape often end up sweating out many of the minerals which help in recovery. As such, those looking to lose weight or improve athletic performance in their day-to-day lives are also ideal candidates. But fluid replenishment isn’t the only purpose with Athletic Muscle Recovery Therapy.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals

An additional benefit of this treatment is the infusion of Vitamin B and essential minerals — like electrolytes — that allow you to get maximum recovery in a minimal amount of time.

By putting fluids directly into your bloodstream, they can immediately be used by your body. This means that your muscles and cells will have all of the water they need to get started on their jobs.

The Waterway Like a Highway

Imagine a city like Venice where the streets are not optimized for cars, rather instead for boats. These cities are dependent on their own type of “hydration” in order to function. And, they provide an excellent analogy to help us better-understand how Muscle Recovery Therapy could be a game changer.

In this city, the waterways determine how effectively people get around. Imagine this as your circulatory system and muscular system. The people represent various cells that make up your respective organs. When you exercise, the water-level of the city itself drops. So those boats traveling through the waterways will start to hit the bottom, slowing them down and getting in the way of the city functioning. The IV treatment acts like opening a dam to the city, and provides nearly-instant rehydration.


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