For many people out there, skin care is like a full-time job. Indeed, if you let your care regimen get away from you, it’s very easy to lose ground you have gained prior. Also, information needs updating from time to time. So let’s take a look at how to put together a winning plan for your skin!

The Basics

In the beginning, there are three main considerations you need to account for. They surround balance, moisture levels and toning. Here are how this breaks down:

Moisture: A lack of moisture leads to dry, itchy, and cracked skin

Toning: Putting the right nutrients back into your skin

Balance: Making sure that you’re covering all of your skin as well as not going overboard in your treatment

These are the elements of an ideal regiment. They will help guide the sort of things you should be looking at.

Order Matters

When washing your face and body, keep in mind that you are effectively stripping your skin of all of its normal oils in addition to dirt, dead skin cells, etc. So if you were to apply a toner or moisturizer and then get into the shower or wash your face, you would be undoing most all of the good you did initially.

For this reason, think of washing your skin almost like cutting down a forest. The hotter the water, the more ferocious the outcome. Then, think of toner, moisturizers, and the like as if they’re newly planted trees. This will help you remember a few things.

For one, you will remember not to be too harsh when you’re scrubbing away at your skin. Then, you will remember to be careful when moisturizing. This brings in balance to the equation. Make sure that you aren’t going too overboard in any direction.

What Else Can You Do?

One great thing about having an aesthetic physician like Dr. Bing is that you can give us a call and find out everything you ever needed to know. From using laser treatments for varicose veins to IV Hydrotherapy which replenishes essential vitamins and nutrients, we have additional elements which can substantially help in getting your skin to where you want it.

We’re more than happy to cover all of this and more! Fill out a contact form and someone will be in touch ASAP.