IV Hangover Recovery Hydrotherapy

AMAH will help you restore your hydration and cellular balance so that you can get back on your feet feeling rejuvenated with our Hangover Recovery services.

Hangover IV Recovery Therapy

We often find ourselves over indulging in life’s guilty pleasures.  Clients that have had a bit too much consumption of alcohol and wake up feeling overwhelmed by last night’s indulgences can select to have this service.  Our IV hangover recovery infusion include intravenous hydration of fluid and vitamins that will assist with the recovery process.  Clients can opt to include symptomatic treatment to target specific complaints such as headache, nausea or upset stomach that often accompany the hangover effect from too much alcohol consumption.

  • Intoxication recovery

  • Symptomatic treatment related to hangover (i.e. headache, nausea and GI upset)

  • Restore circulation health

  • Cellular balance and restoration

  • Combat mental sluggishness that accompany alcohol intoxication


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