There are so many ways to treat the body these days that it can be difficult to get to the meat of an issue. Well, one treatment that can help with a host of problems is PRP Therapy. Although not completely new (it’s wound its way through the FDA and many research trials), it’s never before been this widely available to the public. And now, with Atlanta Mobile Aesthetic and Hydrotherapy, we can bring it to you! But what is it? And who is it good for?


What is PRP Therapy?

PRP stands for platelet-rich-plasma. This therapy is where a doctor concentrates your own platelet proteins and injects them back into your body in specific areas. Platelets are proteins in the blood which have several responsibilities, to include clotting. They also help in the repair and strengthening of various tissues in the body. The overall concept here is that you are injected with a concentration of your own platelets and those platelets will improve that area. For instance, if you have an old joint injury, PRP Therapy can actually help to repair that tissue and boost overall health in the process.


Who qualifies for treatment?

PRP is an incredibly diverse treatment. It can help a large variety of conditions — anywhere from androgenic alopecia, a hair-loss condition, to tendon injuries and beyond. Also, most people can benefit from PRP Therapy, regardless of previous injury or surgery. This could be athletes like ballet dancers, sprinters, injuries from contact sports, etc.


Is it a good idea for me?

If your mobility isn’t where you would like it to be, it couldn’t hurt to talk to an aesthetician to find out more about your specific case. In fact, if you have suffered injuries in the past or have recovered from a surgery, it’s very likely that PRP Therapy can be beneficial to you.


What else should I know?

PRP Therapy is usually a piece of a larger picture of treatment. Sometimes this means a combination approach of various options. This is why it’s important to discuss your needs with a qualified doctor educated about PRP Therapy. We’ve seen some incredible results, and studies have shown from the NIH to Emory University here in Atlanta. It’s both safe and effective.


We cannot stress enough, however, that everyone is different. No two individuals are going to have the exact same medical condition, rather there is usually going to be something unique to the person which requires a doctor’s care plan. So if you still have questions about PRP Therapy, we’re more than happy to let you know more.


Just contact us here to ask your questions or schedule an appointment or learn more about PRP Therapy here.