There are many people out there who wonder about IV Hydrotherapy and what it entails. Then, they usually want to know, “so how does an IV help my skin?”

This is a great question. It doesn’t seem readily obvious. Most people’s experience is that of applying creams and lotions directly to the skin in order to moisturize, heal poison ivy, or some similar thing. But there are other aspects to this, too.

Malaria Medication and Skin

Woah, woah, woah…malaria medication? Really? That’s where we’re going? Yes!

The reason here is that Doxycycline, the main drug used to treat malaria, is an antibiotic. Did you realize that such drugs could have an affect on some conditions, even though it’s a pill?

Remember that your body is made up of organs, and organs made up of cells. This means that the entire body, from head to toe, is interconnected. That’s why things like stress can still cause hair to change color. Your body is one large system made up of systems.

As such, your level of hydration affects your skin, as does the concentration of certain vitamins and nutrients. This is why many lotions and shampoos/conditioners include them as well. Overall, it will help you to get better-looking skin and a nice, healthy glow.

The Benefits of an IV

IV stands for “intravenous,” or within the vein itself. It provides a direct infusion of hydration fluids, nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that will contribute to brighter, healthier-looking skin. About 50% of the nutrients you bring into the body orally are wasted and never make it to your organs.

An IV allows you to bypass this process and get more of these components. But there are other benefits as well. You will likely notice an increase in consistent energy throughout the day. Not peaks and valleys, but a consistent source of energy that helps you stay focused and perform at your best.

When adding these components together, you can see why this is so popular.