Summer is practically here and it’s a hot one, as per usual. Hydration is an essential topic to discuss anytime during the year. But, as Summer starts to rear its head, it becomes that much more important to discuss hydration in terms of how the heat affects you, as opposed to how hydration works in colder environments.

Making sure that your body is properly hydrated isn’t just for those who workout or train as athletes. It’s important for everyone. Did you know that hydration affects skin health? All too often, I run into patients who simply don’t realize that getting enough water is so important to healthy skin. It might seem obvious for an athlete, but much less so for people simply interested in skin care and the like. So let’s dive into some excellent ways to keep hydrates in the summer time.

1. Always carry a water bottle.

This is going to make sure that you’re able to really get consistent hydration in throughout the day. Making sure that you have a water bottle or reservoir of some sort gives you instant access to the most essential molecule in your body — H2O.

Often times, a sleek water bottle can fit nicely into a purse or shoulder bag, or you could even attach one to a carabiner and clip it to something you carry. Make sure it’s BPA-free to ensure that if it’s in a hot environment, you aren’t exposed to a higher level of cancer-causing carcinogens.

2. Opt for foods with higher water levels.

This is a good idea all around, but it will also serve to help you get in more fruits and vegetables. This is especially true of cucumbers, squash, fresh lettuce, citrus fruits and many more. Putting more of these foods into your diet is going to subtly increase your hydration levels and will help ensure better skin and better athletic performance.

3. Avoid sports drinks, especially the sugary ones.

It’s crazy how many people don’t realize that sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade are usually full of sugar and sodium. Both of these substances will actually act to dehydrate you and should be avoided.

For a better alternative, look to things like coconut water and oranges. (Not orange juice, rather an actual orange for the added fiber and lack of added sugar and artificial flavoring.) Skip the pre-bottled stuff if you can. Your skin and body will thank you.

4. Try an IV hydrotherapy treatment.

This is one of the big deals that a lot of people don’t know. There are medical procedures that are quick and easy that will boost the health of your skin. They will also help you recover from workouts. It’s amazing how these treatments leave you looking and feeling better than you ever have before. There really is no better way to ensure that you are optimally hydrated, for whatever your needs are. Getting IV hydrotherapy will change the way you look at getting and staying hydrated — and you will not be disappointed! Find out how treatments can change your life today.