It is the most wonderful time of the year! From snowflakes to hot cocoa to donning winter accessories, there are a lot of ways to enjoy the wintertime. But with the icy cold weather comes dry, cracked, or uncomfortable skin. Generally, winter weather — with its brisk air combined with overly drying indoor heating systems — can work together to lead you to suffer from flaky, dry skin on our hands, faces, and bodies.

This means that from November to February, it is extra important for you to value your winter skincare routines.

Below we have several lists of the best skincare tips for winter months.

Best Winter Skincare for Oily Skin:

1) Cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser twice a day.

2) Apply toner to help balance the oils in your skin.

3) Apply moisturizer in the morning (moisturizer with sunscreen is best) and moisturizer in the evening. Do this even if you have oily skin, but use a moisturizer for oily skin or combination skin.

4) Consider hyaluronic acid or exfoliators to help diminish the oils in your skin.

5) Drink extra fluids during the winter, moisturize whenever you feel dry, and consider trying out some oils that are known to be less overwhelming for oily skin, such as jojoba, acai, argan, or squalane oil. Remember, even oily skin still needs hydration.

Best Winter Skincare for Dry Skin:

6) Moisturize immediately after washing, every time. This means you should moisturize your whole body after you shower, and moisturize your hands after you wash them.

7) Moisturizer throughout the day too! Whenever your skin feels chapped or flaky, another slab of moisturizer won’t hurt. Lotion and hydration are key for these harsher months.

8) Use overnight “super moisture” treatments, such as facial cream, or facial moisturizing masks that are supposed to be left on. This lets your skin soak in hydration overnight.

9) Continue to wear daily sunscreen. Even though it might be darker outside in general, those UV lights can still be damaging and your skin needs protection.

10) Try using a humidifier at night! A humidifier adds water to the air. This can reduce dryness, which is a crucial step for already dry skin.

11) Try not to overdo it on the heating. While it can be cozy to come home to a warm house, especially with it so cold outside, heat is naturally drying. If you can turn the temperature down a bit, this might help your skin too.

Skincare in winter for dry skin is especially important since the dry weather will only worsen already dry skin, and can lead to cracking and peeling of the skin.

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