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What Does Botox Do?

Many people who might be new to aesthetic medicine are still familiar with a lot of terms surrounding it. One of the most recognized terms with the most baggage is “Botox.” So just what is Botox? And what is it used for? On a Basic Level For starters, Botox and facial fillers are often confused for the same thing. [...]

4 Ways to Reduce Stress

There's always something else to do. It's one other thing you've forgotten about or left undone. Or, at least, it can feel that way at times. We get involved in our own world and all too often lose perspective. Stress is a part of our existence, but that doesn't mean that it has to rule your life. It's also [...]

5 Habits to Boost Your Wellness

Keeping up with everything in your life can really be a difficult struggle. Especially when it comes to keeping up with all of the new research that comes out, even knowing right from wrong is tough. Considering that products like low-fat milk hold the "low fat" claim on the label yet does not explain that there are "added sugars," [...]

Boosting Your Immune System

Flu season is bad this year. People have been getting ill and even dying. When it comes to the spread of disease, there are a lot of factors you need to think about to keep both yourself and your family safe. It's times like these these that a boost to the immune system can help keep you, as well [...]

Is PRP Therapy Right for Me?

There are so many ways to treat the body these days that it can be difficult to get to the meat of an issue. Well, one treatment that can help with a host of problems is PRP Therapy. Although not completely new (it’s wound its way through the FDA and many research trials), it’s never before been this widely [...]

Help — I’ve Got Awful Rosacea!

Talk to anyone who’s ever dealt with a skin disease and you’ll discover that they can be the worst. Oftentimes, rosacea requires a lot of focus and attention to manage day to day. So what are some great ways that you can more simply deal with this condition? Well, good news for you — we’ve got a lot of [...]