Talk to anyone who’s ever dealt with a skin disease and you’ll discover that they can be the worst. Oftentimes, rosacea requires a lot of focus and attention to manage day to day. So what are some great ways that you can more simply deal with this condition? Well, good news for you — we’ve got a lot of great tips which will make this a lot easier for you. So here we go:


Learn what causes your own rosacea.

Everyone has different triggers. A trigger is anything which causes your rosacea or makes it worse. This is an important piece of the puzzle to identify. Knowing what causes your issues will allow you to start controlling your environment to avoid contact with everything that causes it to flare up.


Watch out for skin-drying products.

Products containing alcohol, witch hazel, and a whole host of other ingredients can seriously dry out your skin. Dry skin makes rosacea so much worse. Finding ways to mitigate dry skin will get you a long way to managing the condition. Moisturizers are also effective in treating it day to day. Although these will not get rid of it, they make it much easier to tolerate.


Use warm water instead of hot.

Whether you’re in a cold or warm climate, most Americans take hot showers. It’s just something we’ve come to expect. But this can actually make rosacea worse. The key, instead, is to use warm water. Not so lukewarm that you’re cold in the shower, but also not so hot that it leaves your skin feeling dry and arid afterward.


Treat all of your skin, not just affected areas.

Rosacea doesn’t travel, but your skin collectively is one organ. As such, caring for it as a whole, as opposed to just the face, arms, and legs, is really important. Skin hydration is something that you want to be aware of all over, especially if you are suffering from a skin disease. In addition to it making you healthier overall, it will be so much more refreshing to have all of your skin cared for in good working order. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!


Advanced Laser Therapy

This is another option to help curb rosacea. Advanced Laser Therapy is where an aesthetician uses a dermal laser to fix the affected areas. Each case is unique and must be evaluated by a qualified doctor, but in most all cases a few treatments will show drastic improvement — both in appearance and in feeling. It’s an excellent way to mitigate the condition when it rears its ugly head.


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