Many people who might be new to aesthetic medicine are still familiar with a lot of terms surrounding it. One of the most recognized terms with the most baggage is “Botox.” So just what is Botox? And what is it used for?

On a Basic Level

For starters, Botox and facial fillers are often confused for the same thing. Although they have some crossover, they are very different. Botox is the brand name for the substance botulinum which when applied appropriately by a medical professional serves to tighten wrinkles in the skin. It has many different medical uses and can be a treatment for excessive sweating, chronic migraine, and a host of other conditions.


Approved by the FDA in 2002 for medical use in people, it has quickly grown into one of the most popular non-invasive aesthetic procedures of all time. There are an estimated 6 million Botox treatments performed every year.


What It Does

Botox injections will paralyze the muscle tissue under the skin, allowing your face to straighten out wrinkles and fine lines. It lasts anywhere from 4-6 months, meaning that the procedure does need to be performed on a regular basis throughout the year in order to maintain progress.


Is Botox Right for You?

Setting up a consultation with one of our professionals is quick and easy. You will get expert advice that will let you know exactly what is needed and why.


As mentioned before, there are several treatment options which can attack similar problems. Only a medical professional can really assess which option is best for you. Make sure to check out our blog on dermal fillers, microneedling therapy, and a host of other options as well.


Ultimately, we will help you determine how to get the most out of any treatment. We look forward to making you look your best — and from the comfort of home!