We get this question quite a bit. And we can totally understand why!

Throughout the history of humans farming, making beer, wine and spirits was as much a practical endeavor as it was recreational. For many early humans in thee societies, making alcohol was a way of preserving crops as a liquid that would still provide nourishment.

And ever since then, over-consumption had led many-a-human to seek out remedies to help assuage the pain, sluggishness and overall “bleh” feelings associated with hangovers. So is there anything you can do? ABSOLUTELY!

What is Intoxication Recovery Therapy?

When you consume alcohol, your body treats it differently. You process it through the rest of your system, but it tends to leave your body dehydrated and deficient in essential vitamins and minerals which help with cognitive and regular bodily function.

As such, one simple solution to this issue is an infusion of liquids and vitamins directly into your body! No filtering through the bladder, just direct, unimpeded access to your body. Giving this in an IV form ensures that it’s quick, meaning you can be free to get things done, exercise and enjoy your day.

How Do I Get Access?

All you need to do is book an appointment! It’s as simple as that. Once we’ve got your appointment booked, sit back and relax. We come to you! So not only do you get rid of your hangover, you also don’t have to leave the house. Intoxication Recovery Therapy has been popular all over the nation for years. Now, you can take advantage of Atlanta’s premier mobile service.

Feeling Your Best

You won’t simply “feel better.” Many patients find that the procedure gives them added pep from the infusion and quick recovery. We tend to treat our bodies poorly when we celebrate, and this is a sign that things are still off. By infusing your circulatory system with everything you need to push through, you will wonder why you never tried this before!

Try Scheduling an Event

Have a huge tailgating event coming up? What about brunch with the ladies? No matter what your social life entails, you’re likely not going out alone. So why not offer this to your friends as well?

When you book multiple people at once, you end up saving quite a bit! And if you’re still on the fence, we’re happy to offer you HALF OFF your first treatment! Just ask when you call in and receive your discount.