Flu season is bad this year. People have been getting ill and even dying. When it comes to the spread of disease, there are a lot of factors you need to think about to keep both yourself and your family safe.

It’s times like these these that a boost to the immune system can help keep you, as well as those around you, safe. But how do we accomplish this feat?

The Right Combination

Ultimately, there are several components which assist with immune health. Your hydration actually plays a considerable role, as do the concentrations of vitamins and nutrients in your system. As such, we have a special formula we use in this treatment.

By infusing your body with all of these nutrients and an extra boost of hydration, your cells and organs operate at their best. This includes your immune system. With the right fluid levels, it’s easier for the special proteins in your bloodstream to keep you healthy.

Notice the Difference

When you are completely hydrated, you will notice a more consistent stream of energy throughout the day. You feel healthier and, in reality, you are healthier. This can have positive effects all around, from your skin to your mind.

Clarity and positive emotional energy are often results experienced by these treatments. And, of course, a higher degree of resistance to disease.

What is in the Treatment?

There are a whole host of vitamins in this hydrotherapy treatment. Vitamin A helps to add strength to mucosal surfaces in the body, which helps you to fight infection. Additional Zinc helps your immune cells, i.e. T cells, to function properly. These are your first line of defense in the body. Vitamin C helps all of your other nutrients more effectively boost your immune system, a force multiplier for your body to fight off infection.

How Often Should I Consider Treatment?

This is a question best handled by a healthcare professional, as everyone is unique. So give us a call at 770.847.6377 or use this form to send us a quick message. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and will be able to guide you in your own personalized Immune Booster Therapy Regimen. We look forward to talking to you!