Keeping up with everything in your life can really be a difficult struggle. Especially when it comes to keeping up with all of the new research that comes out, even knowing right from wrong is tough. Considering that products like low-fat milk hold the “low fat” claim on the label yet does not explain that there are “added sugars,” it’s no wonder people have trouble!

So, just what can you do about it? We have tried to put together a great list that will help out with small improvements and guidelines. Making things easier to remember is the first step. Following through is usually the tough part. So let’s get into them:

1. Put a Plan Together

People start getting into trouble from the beginning when they jump into something like health without a plan. Whether you’re trying to change or maintain your weight, this requires a plan of action. It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the most successful plans tend to be simple enough to maintain, but complicated enough to actually work. This balance isn’t always easy. Thus, you will need to try something, see what works and what doesn’t, then try something else.

Eventually, you will formulate the “winning plan” based on what you have seen success with. Once you’ve assembled a group of the things you do well, and have formed those into a plan, you can start addressing the habits that you want to work at changing.

So what goes in the plan? The rest of this list will be items that you can use to formulate it. Remember, the key with a plan is finding out what works for you. Everyone is different and what works for one will not necessarily work for another.

2. Get Plenty of Water

Success with hydration often requires a system. Not a complicated one, but one nonetheless. It could be a matter of having your own water bottle at work, where your goal throughout the day is to refill it a certain number of times. Or, it could be forcing yourself to drink for 30 seconds from every water fountain you pass. There are many ways to ensure that you’re getting all of the water your body needs to flourish, the key is that you have a plan.

3. Eat Well

There are going to be many aspects of this that you will find online. For something that will work for you, it’s extremely important to discuss your dietary needs with your doctor in order to make sure you’re healthy enough for what you are trying to accomplish. There are many fads out there, and there are a lot of unproven, poorly-researched eating trends that get out. Some of the best advice about diet come from Michael Pollan, a food writer and researcher: eat less, mainly plants. It’s a simple way to summarize an overall approach — as well as what you should be looking for in terms of the “main idea.”

4. Take Self-Care Seriously

Stress is truly the silent killer, but not like many think. It’s true that it negatively affects your body, but it also negatively affects your relationships. Positive relationships are actually one solution to stress, and it has a secondary benefit of building a social support structure in your life.

Self care is the concept of taking care of your needs instead of only putting others first. Don’t get me wrong, putting others first is really important, but keep in mind that you must also take care of yourself. Finding this balance can be hard and it will take some time. But it will be thoroughly worthwhile. Take time to care for your needs so that you can be available for the needs of others.

5. Consider IV Hydrotherapy

In addition to providing the optimal hydration system, IV Hydrotherapy has a lot to offer. Infusions of vitamins and essential nutrients give the immune system a boost and also help to regulate better-organ function. People often notice this in the body at times when they would normally feel a drop in energy throughout the day. Hydration is directly related to the efficient functioning of your major organ systems, and as such can be a nice boon to your overall wellness.

How to Use This List

Consider each section a checkbox. When you put together your wellness regimen, make sure that you have at least one box that checks each item. This will help make certain that you aren’t overlooking anything. If you are curious about more, feel free to let us know!