Whenever you’re trying to get a great workout in, it’s essential to remember that without a proper diet, there’s only so much that exercise can do for you. Food is to the body what gasoline is to your car. And just as is the case with your car, the quality of gas you put into it will affect how the engine performs.

Your recovery period is the time frame within 30-45 minutes of your completed workout. Your body is still burning through fuel, and it’s the perfect time to incorporate foods that will replenish your energy and give your body the reset it needs until your next workout.

1. Fish

Fish, especially Salmon, has some great properties which get it a top spot on our list. Full of omega IIIs and other fatty acids, they help replenish essential vitamins and minerals lost during workouts. Furthermore, it’s chock full of protein to help rebuild your muscles after an intense session. The protein will help keep you full and satiated, freeing you from the need to snack.

2. Nuts & Seeds

Picking the right nuts and seeds post workout will help to not only refill your system with proper protein and carbohydrates, they are also filling and easy to travel with. Full of fiber, they will help with digestion and to slow down your rate of insulin production, curbing insulin spikes.

3. Sweet Potatoes

These are a great source of vitamins, quick-digesting carbohydrates and fiber. Post workout is also a great time to sneak in some honey or olive oil to give it some extra natural flavor that will still get processed with the energy from your workout. Especially if you workout in the middle of the day, this will help you feel full and fueled, without the urge to catch some Z’s during your next afternoon meeting.

4. Avocado

These green fruits are full of the good fats that will keep you full and help stoke the fires of your metabolism. It’s also a great opportunity to add a little salt for both flavor and to replace what you likely lost in sweat. An avocado will put a smile on your face and give you a nice energy boost throughout the day.

5. Berries

Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries — they’re all great ideas for post workout recovery. Full of antioxidants, good fuel and fiber, berries make a great addition to any post workout meal. They are always tasty, so don’t go overboard (remember, sugar is the enemy!), but in moderation these little treats make for an awesome supplement to your diet.