Could Muscle Recovery Therapy Benefit You?


Hydration is one of the most important aspects of your health. Our bodies are over seventy percent water, and every major system uses water in some way, shape or form in order to function. As such, hydration is incredibly important whenever you're looking at athletic performance. The hydration of your body's systems is instrumental in [...]

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4 Ways to Keep Beautiful Skin Through the Winter


Colder temperatures are upon us. This means it’s time to bundle up and keep warm. But there are a few things you might want to keep in mind about skin care while you’re fighting the frigid temps this year. Here are some simple bits of advice that will get your winter skincare regimen kicked off [...]

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Is PRP Therapy Right for Me?


There are so many ways to treat the body these days that it can be difficult to get to the meat of an issue. Well, one treatment that can help with a host of problems is PRP Therapy. Although not completely new (it’s wound its way through the FDA and many research trials), it’s never [...]

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Help — I’ve Got Awful Rosacea!


Talk to anyone who’s ever dealt with a skin disease and you’ll discover that they can be the worst. Oftentimes, rosacea requires a lot of focus and attention to manage day to day. So what are some great ways that you can more simply deal with this condition? Well, good news for you — we’ve [...]

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Treating Scar Tissue and Other Skin Problems


Scars used to be permanent not so long ago. They were something that needed to be covered, as getting rid of them completely was a non-starter. At first, this was a matter of medical science and technology. Then, once the technology developed enough, “skin rejuvenation” became something that we were able to offer individuals like [...]

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